The Lumens Foundation is a non-profit that was founded to educate communities within the states and abroad of the benefits of sustainable energy. We believe that people are the most important renewable resource and we want to focus on teaching life sustaining practices through partnerships. We are dedicated to creating solutions for the many disparities that the underserved communities face. We will accomplish this through trainings, workshops, and resources given to individuals within urban neighborhoods near and far. 


We offer resources for training and workshops for individuals in underserved communities within the states and abroad around sustainable living as well as sustainable solar solutions. We believe that sustainability around solar energy will generate a reform around the energy monopolies. We also believe that  people are our greatest renewable energy resource and  we are committed to give back by aiding in shifting the outlook on sustainability and all that it encompasses which in turn will enrich a multitude of communities. 

Sustainable Energy

To provide technical and financial project support to organizations dedicated to the development of people and innovation of products which strengthen society’s transition to a non-carbon based economy and way of life.

pannels in grass

To empower members of our communities immediate and broader to  understanding of the critical importance of adopting and implementing sustainable energy solutions in all aspects of life’s disciplines/pursuits. 

Organic Home Garden

We are an inclusive collection of community oriented, technically trained members contributing solid sustainable solutions that drive our march towards developing viable implementation of solar, wind and thermal technologies in the communities that need it. 

Child Planting in Greenhouse


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